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Who was responsible for discovering that lightning is electricity? This person also discovered the lightning rod along with many other inventions.
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) Lewis Latimer
c) Thomas Edison
d) Michael Faraday

The first electric motor, generators, and electromagnets were some of the wonderful inventions by a man named ___________.
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) Lewis Latimer
c) Thomas Edison
d) Michael Faraday

_________ created the light bulb and many other inventions important to mankind.
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) Lewis Latimer
c) Thomas Edison
d) Michael Faraday

Which of these is NOT an example of static electricity?
a) Wire wrapped around a magnet
b) Rubbing a balloon in your hair and sticking it on the wall
c) Shocking a friend with your finger after walking on the carpet
d) Clothes sticking together after removing them from the dryer

Which form of static electricity can be very harmful?
a) Rubbing two balloons together
b) Combing your hair
c) Rubbing your feet on a carpet
d) Lightning

Which of these materials is the best electrical conductor?
a) copper wire
b) string
c) sticks
d) dry soil

What can rubber, glass, and plastic all be used as?
a) conductors
b) insulators
c) circuits
d) electromagnets

Which of these is NOT a conductor?
a) human body
b) copper
c) plastic
d) water

Many electrical wires are wrapped with a plastic coating because plastic is _______.
a) less expensive than steel
b) more dense than copper
c) able to keep its shape
d) a good insulator

A current is defined as:
a) Electricity that occurs in nature when objects rub together
b) A flow of electrical charges from atom to atom
c) A circuit with an opening or break in it
d) Materials that electricity do not flow through easily

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