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_______ is the location of an object.
a) Speed
b) Position
c) Motion
d) Force

When talking about an object's position, we compare it with surrounding objects that ______.
a) seem to be moving
b) are moving
c) seem not to be moving
d) are not moving

Which of the following is NOT a word used to describe an object's position?
a) small
b) below
c) left
d) ahead

_________ is how fast an object is going and the distance traveled in a unit of time.
a) Motion
b) Force
c) Speed
d) Position

All of the following measurements can be used for speed except ___________.
a) miles per hour
b) liters per second
c) meters per second
d) kilometers per hour

An object's speed can ____________.
a) increase
b) decrease
c) stay constant
d) all choices listed

Energy that is being stored or waiting to be used is called _____________.
a) kinetic energy
b) heat energy
c) chemical energy
d) potential energy

If a man is swinging a golf club, what kind of energy is he using?
a) kinetic energy
b) heat energy
c) chemical energy
d) potential energy

Which of the following is an example of potential energy?
a) A golf ball being hit by a golf club
b) A golf ball sitting on a tee
c) A golf ball rolling into the hole
d) A golf ball bouncing in the sand trap

The ability to do work is known as ___________.
a) friction
b) energy
c) gravity
d) force

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