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A hypothesis is an idea that can be tested by observation and experiment. Which of the following is the BEST example of a hypothesis?
a) Owls are the meanest birds in all the forest.
b) A rabbit's diet affects how fast it runs.
c) Albert Einstein was probably the smartest scientist of all time.
d) There is now way to improve the way that science is done.

If we wanted to measure the volume of a liquid, which scientific instrument would you use?
a) meter stick
b) graduated cylinder
c) scale
d) thermometer

Which metric unit can be used to measure mass?
a) gram
b) liter
c) meter
d) pound

Which of the following is an inference?
a) The lack of rain probably caused the plant to die.
b) Richmond is the capital of Virginia.
c) Humans are vertebrates.
d) A panda's main food source is bamboo.

In an experiment, there should be only one _________. Everything else should be a ________.
a) constant, manipulated variable
b) control, manipulated variable
c) manipulated variable, constant
d) trial, proven

Students in Ms. Childress's class want to find out which of their toy cars is the fastest at rolling down a hill. Which scientific instrument would you use?
a) meter stick and stopwatch
b) balance and clock
c) graduated cylinder and balance
d) thermometer and meter stick

Tara did an experiment and got one set of results. She did the same experiment again and got very different results. What should Tara do next?
a) Ignore the results of the second experiment
b) Decide that there were mistakes in the first experiment
c) Give up the experiment and perform a new one
d) Repeat the experiment and compare all three sets of results

If we wanted to measure the length of an object, which scientific instrument would you use?
a) meter stick
b) thermometer
c) scale
d) graduated cylinder

Which metric units can be used to measure temperature?
a) Celsius
b) Farenheit
c) Grams
d) Liters

Which metric units can be used to measure volume?
a) Kilograms
b) Ounces
c) Liters
d) Meters

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