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Questioning, forming a hypothesis, following procedures, running tests, making observations, recording results and data, and drawing conclusions are all a part of:
a) The Scientific Study
b) The Scientific Method
c) The Scientific Design
d) The Scientific Standards

You cannot make a __________ until you have collected all of your data and asked yourself questions about the data collected.
a) prediction
b) observation
c) conclusion
d) variable

If we all put one of our shoes in a pile, examine them, and put them into groups according to common characteristics, we are using the skills of:
a) hypothesizing
b) classifying
c) measuring
d) predicting

A statement about what you think will happen in the future is called a __________.
a) experiment
b) inference
c) prediction
d) observation

_______ are what you notice or see happening during your experiment.
a) observations
b) predictions
c) experiments
d) procedures

An educated guess of the answer to your question is called a ___________.
a) procedure
b) observation
c) experiment
d) hypothesis

An __________ is what you do to test your hypothesis.
a) inference
b) observation
c) experiment
d) data

An _________ is when you make a reasonable guess about something.
a) inference
b) observation
c) experiment
d) prediction

The information gathered from an experiment is called __________.
a) prediction
b) data
c) hypothesis
d) inference

A _________ is a plan for doing something, like an experiment.
a) observation
b) procedure
c) inference
d) experiment

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