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In order for a child to be able to crawl and walk, the following reflexes need to emerge:
a) Head righting, swallow, and parachute
b) protective extension, head righting and equilibrium
c) Grasp, protective extension, and stepping
d) Equilibrium, Moro and grasp

Each seizure has the potential for
a) damaging the heart muscle.
b) causing further brain injury due to depletion of neurological metabolites.
c) increasing behavior problems.
d) triggering breath-holding.

Which of the following is true of human chromosomes?
a) There are 23 pairs, 46 chromosomes, with the autosomes comprising the 23rd pair
b) The number of chromosomes varies from individual to individual
c) There are 24 pairs of chromosomes including the sex chromosomes X and Y
d) There are 46 chromosomes with one X and one Y chromosome

How is autism related to mental retardation?
a) All persons with autism have some degree of mental retardation
b) 50% of persons with mental retardation also have some form of autism
c) 70% of persons with autism express mental retardation
d) Autism and mental retardation are two unrelated neurological phenomenon

A metabolic problem might mean:
a) There is a genetic mutation that interrupts catabolic activity
b) All of the above
c) There is little risk of developmental delay
d) Enzymatic activity contributes to the breakdown of muscle tissue

Children with developmental delays are those with:
a) significant subaverage intellectual performance
b) significant delay in gross motor or language development
c) significant lag behind norms in at least one developmental area
d) born at least two months prematurely

Which of the following is a medical service that may be provided to children eligible for early intervention?
a) Catheterizations
b) Medication such as antibiotics
c) Surgery
d) Wheel chairs

. A child who is born an APGAR score of 3 and experiences apnea might be eligible for services under the category:
a) established risk
b) none of the above
c) environmental risk
d) biological risk

Special education instruction can be modified according to:
a) Levels of assistance provided
b) All of the above
c) The arrangement of the environment and materials
d) The kinds of extrinsic motivation used

Related services may include:
a) A special lift-van to transport a child to school
b) All of the above
c) Specially adapted materials for instruction in the classroom.
d) A full-time special education teacher to provide instruction.

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