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Which cell structure carries out a function for a cell that is similar to the function that bark carries out for a tree?
a) cell wall
b) nucleus
c) chloroplasts
d) mitochondrion

A student observes a flower, an apple, a dog, and a tree. Which of the organisms that the student sees has different cells than the rest and how are they different?
a) The flower is different because its cells are the only ones without a nucleus.
b) The apple is different because its cells are the only ones with a cell membrane.
c) The dog is different because its cells are the only ones with a cell wall.
d) The dog is different because its cells are the only ones without chloroplasts.

A human cheek cell and an onion cell have similar organelles. Why might cells from different organisms have similar structures?
a) A cheek cell and an onion cell both perform the same function.
b) The basic functions carried out by or within cells are similar in all organisms.
c) Animal and plant cells are identical in structure and function.
d) A human and an onion share a similar environment

Which example correctly identifies the organization of a multicellular organism from simple to complex?
a) lung cell>lung>lung tissue>respiratory system
b) nervous system>brain>brain tissue>nerve cell
c) stomach> stomach cell>stomach tissue>digestive ststem
d) muscle cell> muscle tissues> heart> circulatory cyctem

Which of the following lists a multicellular organism's structure from simplest to most complex?
a) organism, tissue, specialized cells, organ system
b) specialized cells, tissue, organism, organ system
c) organ system, tissue, specialized cells, organs
d) tissue, organs, specialized cells, organ system

What common function does a human lung, a fish gill and a frogs skin have?
a) protection
b) gas exchange
c) movement
d) reproduction

A fire sweeps through a field burning everything to the ground. In order for the ecosystem to reestablish itself, which organism must be the first to return?
a) mouse
b) grasshopper
c) bacteria
d) grass

Which biotic factors could limit the population of deer in the environment?
a) soil and grass
b) wolves and seedlings
c) sunlight and caterpillars
d) rocks and fungus

How does a producer convert solar energy into stored chemical energy?
a) transpiration
b) cellular resperation
c) radiation
d) photosynthesis

The goldenrod gall forms around the eggs of a gall fly and protects the eggs. The goldenrod plant does not benefit and is not harmed. What type of symbiotic relationship is this?
a) Commensalism
b) mutualism
c) parasitism
d) preditor-prey

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