Law And Justice Part 3 Question Preview (ID: 37609)

Part 3.

The black dahlia corpse was severed and decapitated, as well as?
a) Drained of blood.
b) Painted red.
c) Several stab wounds.
d) A gunshot wound.

It was determined that the black dahlia was ___________ when they began cutting her in half.
a) Dead.
b) Drugged.
c) Alive.
d) Unconscious.

A person who claimed to be the killer sent all of the following to the newspaper/police EXCEPT:
a) Birth certificate
b) Photographs
c) Address book
d) Sketches

The black dahlia was known as a bit of a ____________ among her friends.
a) Drama queen.
b) Promiscuous woman.
c) Moocher.
d) Liar.

How did the black dahlia’s mother find out about her daughter’s death?
a) The newspaper.
b) The television.
c) A reporter called and pretended she had won a contest to get more information.
d) The police called and asked several questions about her.

Amanda Knox was imprisoned where for the murder of his roommate?
a) London, England
b) Seattle, Washington
c) Perugia, Italy
d) Paris, France

After all of the trials, whose DNA is actually confirmed to be at the crime scene?
a) Amanda Knox
b) Rudy Guede
c) Rafaelle Sollicito
d) Michael Lumumba

How many times were Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Solicitio tried?
a) Once
b) Twice
c) Three times
d) Four times

Ultimately, Amanda Knox was determined to be:
a) Innocent
b) Guilty.
c) Innocent due to insanity
d) She was never tried

One of the serial killers who lived at the Cecil during his killing spree was:
a) Richard Ramierez
b) Charles Manson
c) Ted Bundy
d) Jeffrey Dahmer

There have been at least _____ suicides at the Cecil.
a) 15
b) 5
c) 10
d) 20

The last sighting of Elisa Lam was found on ______________ and showed her behaving strangely.
a) Rooftop security footage
b) A shop’s security footage
c) The hotel’s elevator had a camera in it that recorded her.
d) Walking around the hotel’s lobby.

It is widely believed that Elisa was suffering from a psychotic break due to what mental disability?
a) Depression
b) Schizophrenia
c) Multiple Personality Disorder
d) Bipolar

Where was Elisa’s body found?
a) Her hotel room.
b) The ground outside the hotel.
c) The water tank of the hotel.
d) In a field near the hotel.

The mother of the children who had been killed at Keddie Cabin was named:
a) Glenna Sharp
b) Donna Smart
c) Amanda Knox
d) Allison Wright

The victims were killed by:
a) Strangulation
b) Stabbed
c) Bludgeoned to death
d) All of the above.

It is generally believed they were killed by their neighbor, ____________________.
a) Martty Smart
b) Bo Boube
c) Jim Jones
d) Michael Flores

Which child’s remains were found years later?
a) Dana
b) Tina
c) Sheila
d) John

Who was Kristin Smart?
a) 19 year old freshman in college who went missing from college.
b) 20 year old sophomore who was found dead in a water tank.
c) 20 year old sophomore who was convicted of killing her roommate.
d) 19 year old freshman who was murdered by her boyfriend.

Which of the following was the last person seen with Kristin?
a) Amanda Knox
b) Seth Williams
c) Peter Flores
d) Cheryl Anderson

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