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Heredity is the
a) Type of cell division that produces sex cells
b) Passing of thraits from parent to offspring
c) Part of the cell containing genetic materials
d) The Dominant gene

Define Pure
a) The physical characteristics of a person
b) Genes that cover weaker genes
c) Having two of the same genes like BB or bb
d) Not dirty

What is the Nucleus?
a) Control center of the cell
b) Produces sex cells
c) Decides your physical appearance
d) The gene covering the wearker gene

Phenotype is?
a) Your physical apperance
b) Covers a stronger gene
c) A type of piano
d) You genetic appearance

Mitosis is?
a) Cell division involving body cells
b) Creates 4 different cells
c) Where the nucleus is
d) Cell division involving sex cells

Meiosis is what?
a) Having 2 diffent genes for a trait ex Tt or Gg
b) You physical appearance
c) Division resulting in a sex cell
d) Division resulting in a body cell

A Dominant trait is?
a) Expressed by the letters tt
b) Is always pure
c) Is overpowered by a weaker gene
d) Overpowers a weaker gene

What is a hybrid?
a) A mix of dog and cat
b) Having no genes
c) Having two of the same genes for a trait (GG)
d) Having two different genes for a trait (Gg)

What does DNA do?
a) Blueprint for your body
b) Is a type of cell division
c) Tells what your personnality is
d) Stands for Do Not Attack

What do you use a Punnett Square for?
a) Make a straight cut on a piece of wood
b) Change someone's DNA
c) Predict the traits of an offspring
d) Make a clone

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