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Viruses are not considered to be living things, but they depend upon living cells for energy, reproduction, and protection at the expense of the cells that they invade. The type of relationship described could best be classified as one of ___.
a) commensalism.
b) mutualism.
c) parasitism.
d) resignation.

Organisms that use energy from the sun to make their own food are called _____________.
a) carnivores.
b) consumers.
c) omnivores.
d) producers.

Based on the pyramid in your study guide, which organism(s) provide the MOST available energy?
a) Birds and mammals
b) Insects and zooplankton
c) Pytoplankton and bacteria
d) small fish and other aquatic species

Organisms at the bottom of the pyramid produce enough usable chemical energy to support the entire ecosystem through ____________.
a) chemosysntesis
b) fermentation
c) photosynthesis
d) respiration

Plants in a tropical rainforest usually have _______________.
a) large broad leaves.
b) long vertical roots.
c) spiny or thorny skin.
d) thick, fleshy stems.

Humans and bacteria live in a close relationship with one another. The bacteria that dwell in the human large intestine helps to complete the digestive process. The organism gains nutrients and protection in our intestine. The relationship is ___.
a) commensalism.
b) competition.
c) mutualism.
d) predation.

Lichens are responsible for _________, or the establishment of a new site for plant growth.
a) ecological infiltration
b) primary succession
c) secondary succession
d) trophic metamorphosis

Cone-bearing trees (like pines, spruce and fir) grow best in areas where winters are long and cold. Large mammals like moose, elk and bear also live and thrive in these cold areas known collectively as the ________ biome.
a) taiga
b) desert
c) temperate grassland
d) temperate deciduous forest

A species of rabbit lives in a meadow where grass plants are readily available during summer months. One summer, a fire destroys the plants in the meadow, the rabbit population will probably ________________
a) decrease in size.
b) increase and flourish.
c) increase reproduction.
d) switch to a different type of food.

Birds ride on top of an elephants head and back. What type of relationship MOST LIKELY exists between the birds and the elephant?
a) mutualism
b) parasitism
c) predation
d) reproductive

How do you think a food web would be affected if the plants were eliminated?
a) Only the fungi would survive.
b) Birds and nematodes would thrive.
c) The food web would completely collapse.
d) The food web would produce more bacteria to compensate.

In any food web, the organisms that are responsible for converting raw energy into usable chemical energy are collectively called ______ while organisms that recycle the nutrients trapped in dead organisms are collectively called _______.
a) producers; consumers.
b) producers; decomposers.
c) heterotrophs; consumers.
d) heterotrophs; autotrophs.

The main source of energy for our planet is/are
a) cosmic background radiation.
b) the earth's core.
c) greenhouse gases.
d) the sun.

CO2 is NOT returned to the atmosphere by ____________.
a) combustion.
b) decomposition.
c) photosynthesis.
d) respiration.

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