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Access Review MC Questions.

When you create relationships, Access uses this rule to ensure there are matching values in the common field.
a) referential integrity
b) match conditions
c) security rules
d) field rules

When re-sizing a column, selecting ____ automatically re-sizes the column to the best width for the data contained in the column.
a) best fit
b) best column
c) best data
d) best selector

The ____ lets you create a report that you can use to print standard or custom labels.
a) Label Wizard
b) Design Wizard
c) Form Wizard
d) Report Wizard

If you were applying for a loan online, and you entered your social security number with only 8 digits instead of 9, you would receive an error message. This is because the field ____ property was set for 9 characters.
a) size
b) default
c) limit
d) required

A database is a collection of _____.
a) objects
b) data
c) numbers
d) fields

When you open a query object, you ___ the query.
a) run
b) enage
c) save
d) move

A primary key should be unique for every record. All of these values are good candidates to use as a table's primary key field EXCEPT
a) birthdates
b) social security numbers
c) employee numbers
d) student identification numbers

If you are entering data for customers and all of your customers live in Texas, you may want to enter Texas as the ____ value property to the state field. *
a) default
b) text
c) format
d) required

When fields appear in a form, they appear in ____.
a) controls
b) records
c) text boxes
d) datasheets

A ____ control is not connected to a record source and is used to display information, lines, rectangles, and pictures.
a) unbound
b) bound
c) record
d) form

A ____ control is connected to the field in the record source and is used to display, enter, and update data.
a) bound
b) unbound
c) record
d) form

A(n) ____ is a database object that lets you ask the database about the data it contains.
a) query
b) report
c) table
d) form

A computerized DBMS is ____ than using file folders.
a) all of these
b) much faster
c) more accurate
d) more flexible

When a form is displayed in ____ view, you will see each record in the record source, one at a time, in the form.
a) form
b) record
c) design
d) print preview

A ____ is a database object that displays data from one or more tables or queries in a format that has a similar appearance to a paper form.
a) form
b) query
c) table
d) report

If you were applying for a loan online and forgot to enter your address, you would receive an error message you must enter a value. The address field property was probably set as
a) a required field
b) a numeric value
c) a field size property
d) a default value

If a row selector for an ID field has a(n) ____ symbol in it, it indicates that the field is the table's primary key.
a) key
b) clasped hands
c) lock
d) infinity

Point to a button in the Controls group to display its name in a ____.
a) screen tip
b) status bar
c) dialog box
d) menu

When you change the row height of a datasheet, the change ____.
a) affects all the rows in a datasheet
b) affects the single row currently selected
c) affects all rows visible on the screen
d) affects all the columns in the datasheet

A query can contain ____ of the fields in the table.
a) all of these
b) all
c) some
d) one

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