7th Gr. Ss Review Part 3 Question Preview (ID: 37551)


What's the name of the Hindu sacred text?
a) Quran
b) Vedas
c) 4 noble truths
d) The Middle Way

What industry in Saudi Arabia is under a command economic system?
a) agriculture
b) oil
c) textiles
d) technology

Hatred of Jews is called ..
a) patriotism
b) nationalism
c) loyalty
d) anti-semitism

Which of these is an autocracy?
a) Israel
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Turkey
d) Iraq

The 5 pillars are....
a) 5 basic obligations that Muslims should do
b) Poles that hold up their holy building in Mecca
c) the first 5 chapters of their holy book
d) beliefs believed by Jews, Christians, and Muslims

What religion are most Arabs?
a) All are Sunni Muslim
b) most are Jews or muslims
c) Most are Muslim, but some are Christian or other religions
d) Buddhist

Why is OPEC important?
a) It builds important dams on rivers
b) they belong to the United Nations
c) They are owned by the United States oil companies
d) It controls the supply and price of most oil in the world

Who has the most oil?
a) Turkey and Oman
b) Saudi Arabia and Iraq
c) Iran and Kuwait
d) Israel and Jordan

Who was the first black president of South Africa?
a) Gandhi
b) Mao Zedong
c) Nelson Mandela
d) Kim Jung Un

Most countries don't use desalinization because ________________
a) it limits agriculture
b) it is deadly
c) it's against their religion
d) it's too EXPENSIVE!

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