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All animals have eukaryotic cells and are
a) invertebrates
b) vertebrates
c) asexual
d) multicellular

Walking is an example of
a) an innate behavior
b) a seasonal behavior
c) a survival behavior
d) a learned behavior

To find their way when migrating some animals use
a) landmarks
b) body language
c) courtship
d) circadian rhythms

A dolphin's whistles and clicks are example of communication using
a) chemicals
b) sound
c) touch
d) sight

What kind of behavior do animals use to protect themselves and their territories, food, mates, and offspring?
a) seasonal
b) courtship
c) defensive
d) learned

How might animals living in a group deal with a food shortage?
a) by migrating
b) by fasting
c) by shedding
d) by reproducing

Which statement about communication between animals is false?
a) Animals use communication to find mates.
b) Communication helps animals find their food.
c) Communication helps animals avoid enemies.
d) Communication occurs only between members of the same species.

The relationship between a worm and a robin can be expressed as
a) vertebrate: invertebrate
b) prey: predator
c) producer: consumer.
d) prokaryote: eukaroyte

When a bee does the "waggle dance" to direct other bees toward a food soure, what is it using to communicate?
a) singing
b) alarm pheromones
c) body language
d) grooming

Which of the following is an exampe of innate behavior?
a) a human taking piano lessons
b) a chimpanzee learning sign language from a trainer
c) a bee flying
d) a police dog finding drugs in a suitcase

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