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American History I.

congress was given flexibility in passing laws through:
a) the Bill of Rights
b) senatorial courtesy
c) the cabinet
d) the elastic clause

Who had the most power under the Articles of Confederation?
a) states
b) Congress
c) executive branch
d) judicial branch

The federalists believed the passage of the Constitution was necessary to preserve the Union because:
a) individual states could reject national policy
b) the individual states had too little power
c) the congress was getting too powerful
d) a bill of rights was necessary

Which of the following was an exclusive power of congress?
a) pass laws
b) tax
c) armed forces
d) enforce laws

Why did many people dislike the new constitution?
a) they disliked the President being picked for a life term
b) many people thought the new government to be as weak as the articles
c) there was no prohibition of slavery in the new government
d) many people felt the government was too strong and wanted a list of rights

What crucial power did the articles lack?
a) taxation
b) national army
c) federal court system
d) all of these answers

What early law set up the process for becoming a state in the new country?
a) compromise of 1820
b) proclamation of 1763
c) NW ordinance of 1787
d) Land ordinance of 1785

What best describes the Virginia Plan?
a) weak central gov't, group president, power to tax, enforce laws.
b) president, congress based on being equal per state, much stronger powers.
c) three branches, unicameral congress, power over the states
d) bicameral, population based, 3 branches, president, supreme court

Which statement describes the articles of confederation best?
a) bicameral congress, no president, no court system
b) unicameral congress, group president, could raise army, raise taxes
c) unicameral congress, one vote per state, hard to pass laws or enforce them
d) bicameral congress, no president, no courts, very limited powers

What was the reason for Shay's Rebellion?
a) People didn't like the laws about slavery
b) farmers were revolting about a new law limiting the size of farms
c) people were rebelling against a series of taxes that forced some to lose their property
d) some people didn't approve of the new style of government

The bill of rights was intended to protect ______________ against the potential tyranny of _____________.
a) the whims of congress, the President
b) the army and the navy, the national gov't
c) the south, the northern majority
d) individual liberties, a strong central gov't

during the writing of the constitution, which of the following resulted from the great compromise?
a) a bicameral legislature
b) three branch gov't
c) bill of rights
d) office of the presidency

the power to tax under the articles was one of the governments greatest powers
a) True
b) False

Shay's rebellion against the British gov't led to the American revolution
a) True
b) False

the 3/5 compromise created the bicameral congress we have today
a) True
b) False

Popular sovereignty is the idea that people have power to rule themselves and decide on issues by voting
a) True
b) False

Under the articles of confederation an amendment was required to have _________________ support to be passed
a) majority
b) 9/13
c) unanimous
d) None of the above

the 3rd amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms
a) True
b) False

The Judicial branch is the branch of government that interprets the laws
a) True
b) False

for which reason did northern states oppose counting slaves as part of the population?
a) the northern states didn't have as many slaves
b) the southern states didn't have as many slaves
c) slavers were already considered American citizens
d) slaves would vote for anti-federalist

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