Voting And Elections Vol II Question Preview (ID: 37511)

GOVT 11.

Which of the following terms refers to the official designation of a person running for office?
a) endorsement
b) plebiscite
c) party nomination
d) party platform

Which of the following statements is accurate?
a) Hispanics vote more than whites; whites vote more than African Americans
b) Hispanics vote more than African Americans; whites vote more than African Americans
c) African Americans vote more than Hispanics; Hispanics vote more than Asians
d) Whites vote more than African Americans; Hispanics vote more than whites

This is vital to the success of United States democracy.
a) voting
b) a strong economy
c) political parties
d) taxes

This is equal to the number of representatives and senators from the states, plus three from Washington D.C.
a) soft money
b) poll taxes
c) primary votes
d) electoral vote

The first Tuesday, after the first Monday in November is
a) Thanksgiving Day
b) Election Day
c) President's day
d) Veteran's Day

In general, women who vote tend to favor which party?
a) Socialist
b) Republican
c) Democrat
d) Libertarian

When a district is drawn in a bizarre or unusual shape to assist a a party's candidate, it is
a) malapportioned
b) gerrymandered
c) misapportioned
d) unconstitutional

Which amendment to the US Constitution lowered the Voting age to 18?
a) 15th
b) 19th
c) 24th
d) 26th

Why are some people concerned about electronic voting?
a) Electronic voting could increase election costs to the states.
b) Electronic voting could increase the number of working poor who will be able to vote.
c) Electronic voting could increase election fraud
d) Electronic voting could increase the influence of special interests in elections.

Modern American political liberals generally believe that ________________.
a) charities are more effective at helping the poor than government programs.
b) abortion on demand is unethical
c) government is a necessary evil
d) the government should provide social programs and intervene in the economy.

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