Wright SS 8th Gr Review Part 5 Question Preview (ID: 37508)


What is the extra money that entrepreneurs have left over after paying expenses called?
a) taxes
b) expenditures
c) profit
d) credit

Which BEST describes Georgia during early colonial times?
a) Georgia was the first colony to call for rebellion against the British.
b) Georgia was one of the first colonies to send delegates to the Continental Congress.
c) Georgia was the only colony not to sign the Declaration of Independence.
d) Georgia was slower than most colonies to break with England.

Which of the following helped African-Americans in the South after the Civil War?
a) the Ku Klux Klan
b) conservative Democrats
c) most white landowners
d) the Freedmen's Bureau

When were people building small, dome-shaped hunts with grass roofs as their shelters?
a) between 10,000 BC and 8,000 BC
b) between 1000 BC and 1000 AD
c) between 700 AD and 1600 AD
d) between 1600 AD and 1900 AD

Which of the following statements BEST describes the effects of the Civil War on Georgia?
a) Thousands of Georgians died fighting in the war while many others suffered at home.
b) Other than soldiers dying in far away battles, people in Georgia never really felt the effects of the war.
c) The war led to whites finally accepting blacks as their equals.
d) Small farmers suffered a great deal at the hands of the Union army, but people in Atlanta were spared any hardship.

During which period was the use of pottery introduced?
a) Paleo
b) Archaic
c) Woodland
d) Mississippian

Which period saw the building of large villages with impressive ceremonial buildings?
a) Paleo
b) Archaic
c) Woodland
d) Mississippian

What's this list? Savannah...Augusta...Louisville...Milledgeville...Atlanta
a) cities Founded by Oglethorpe
b) cities That have served as Georgia's Capital
c) cities burned during Sherman's March to the Sea
d) cities that have served as key ports

Which of the following is true regarding Alexander Stephens?
a) He was a cooperationist who opposed secession at the Georgia convention.
b) He was a seccessionist who always wanted to leave the Union.
c) He opposed the Compromise of 1850 because he thought it violated states' rights.
d) He opposed the Compromise of 1850 because he thought it violated states' rights.

What were events in which Georgians had the chance to win the right to buy land from the state?
a) headright systems
b) land lotteries
c) circuit riders
d) Yazoo deals

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