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The cotton gin had which of the following effects on Georgia?
a) It made harvesting cotton easier so that slaves were no longer needed.
b) It made harvesting cotton more efficient and increased the state's dependence on the crop.
c) It caused many mills to close and go out of business.
d) It made it harder for large plantation owners to make money.

How long did the Woodland Indians live in what is now Georgia?
a) 10,000 years
b) 8,000 years
c) 2,000 years
d) 1,000 years

What's this? Divided Florida into two British colonies... Expanded Georgia's territory... Angered colonists wanting to settle west of the Appalachian mountains
a) the Yazoo Land Fraud
b) the Stamp Act
c) the Charter of 1732
d) the Proclamation of 1763

What did Alexander McGillivray and William McIntosh have in common?
a) They were both Cherokee chiefs who resisted white expansion.
b) They were both Creek chiefs who played major roles in the tribes relations with the state of Georgia.
c) They both refused to give up Native American lands.
d) They were both Georgia legislators who wanted to take Native American territory.

The University of Georgia was _________.
a) never built
b) The 1st state university in the U.S.
c) the first private college
d) built by Chief McGilivray

During the Civil War, why did the Union decide to blockade the Georgia coast?
a) to force Lee's army to abandon Atlanta
b) to meet Sherman as he finished his march to the sea
c) to engage Georgia's navy in battle
d) to disrupt the foreign trade on which Georgia and the confederacy depended

How did the French and Indian War most impact Georgia?
a) It had no effects on Georgia because all of the fighting took place in the North.
b) It added territory to the colony and increased security once Britain took control of Florida.
c) Many Georgians starved as both British and French troops took their crops
d) The fierce battles destroyed the colony

Which statement best describes James Oglethorpe?
a) a member of Parliament who wanted to establish a colony for debtors
b) a businessman who wanted to establish plantations in Georgia
c) a slaveowner who introduced Africans to Georgia
d) a royal governor who finally convinced the king to make Georgia a royal colony

SS8H12a. How did the county unit system limit the political influence of African American voters?
a) It restricted blacks from voting in the Democratic primary.
b) It made it illegal for blacks to vote.
c) It granted blacks the right to vote without allowing them to run for office.
d) It kept political power in heavily white rural areas rather than African-American urban areas.

Which statement best describes the Bourbon Triumvirate?
a) Southern leaders who wanted to see the South's culture and economy return to the way they were before the civil War
b) Republicans who governed in the South during reconstruction
c) Former slaves who served in the legislature during Reconstruction
d) Southern Democrats who dominated Georgia politics during the late 1800s.

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