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States Of Matter And Properties Of Matter. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which is state of matter is steam from a kettle?
a) Gas
b) Plasma
c) Solid
d) Liquid

Which state of matter is a chocolate block?
a) Gas
b) plasma
c) Solid
d) Liquid

Which is NOT a property of Iron?
a) Magnetic
b) Silver/Gray
c) Solid
d) Non metal

What is a property of aluminum?
a) non metal
b) liquid at normal phase
c) conductive
d) yellow color

The symbol for the element Oxygen is
a) H2O
b) O
c) Ox
d) He

The Periodic table is a table of
a) Elements
b) Protons
c) Electrons
d) Molecules

Pure Water molecules are made up of
a) 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen Atom
b) 1 Hydrogen Atom and 2 Oxygen Atoms
c) 2 drops of salt water
d) 1 Hydrogen Atom and 1 Oxygen Atoms

What would be the best way to remove salt from water.
a) Letting the salt settle and pour out the water
b) Sift the water through a sieve.
c) Use filter paper to remove the salt
d) Boil the water until it the water evaporates away.

Which is not a simple mixture but a reaction?
a) sand and water
b) salt water
c) chocolate milk
d) vinegar and bi carb soda

If 1kg of sand was added to water with a mass of 3kg what would the total mass be?
a) 4kg
b) 3kg
c) 2kg
d) 5kg

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