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Standards 8-1 To 8-7 Of South Carolina History.

Why was the state capital of South Carolina moved from Charleston to Columbia in 1786?
a) Columbia was centrally located
b) Charleston was becoming too crowded
c) The majority of wealthy citizens lived in Columbia
d) Charleston was damaged during the American Revolution

What was the major weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
a) New government represented all thirteen states.
b) Could not be revised or changed
c) Individual states had more power than the United States government
d) Articles of Confederation was not approved by all thirteen states

What did Edward Rutledge, Thomas Lynch, Jr., Arthur Middleton, and Thomas Heyward have in common?
a) South Carolina Loyalists
b) leaders of the Boston Tea Party
c) members of the Sons of Liberty
d) signers of the Declaration of Independence

Why was the Battle of King’s Mountain a significant turning point of the American Revolution?
a) Patriots won control of the Up Country
b) Loyalists surrounded the Patriots
c) British took thousands of Patriot prisoners
d) Patriots won the battle but lost control of South Carolina

Which would the Patriots MOST likely support?
a) The French reclaiming their land
b) The Continental Congress authorizing the raising of troops
c) King George III and Parliament passing a new Quartering Act
d) The Loyalists confiscating slaves for use in their militia

How was the Regulator Movement an example of vigilante justice?
a) The Up Country did not follow Low Country laws
b) Regulators wanted to free slaves
c) Up Country colonists took the law into their own hands
d) Regulators were against the King of England

The major naval stores product for South Carolina was:
a) Sails
b) Masts
c) Pitch and Tar
d) Carolina Gold

Mercantilism was an economic system. What was the goal of this system for England?
a) To make the colonies richer
b) To help make England rich
c) To push the Natives out of South Carolina
d) To keep the French out of America

Which tribe is correctly matched with the location of their settlements?
a) The Yemassee and the mountains (Blue Ridge)
b) The Cherokee and the coastal region (Coastal zone)
c) The Catawba and the Piedmont (north central) region
d) The Iroquois and the Sandhills (midlands) region

How did Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands view the idea of owning land? 8-1.1
a) Family owned plots
b) No one owned land
c) You just used it gently
d) Tribes rented the land to families

How was the northern economy different from the southern economy?
a) The North was focused on agriculture.
b) The North was focused on industry.
c) The North was focused on mercantilism.
d) The North was focused on mining.

What was one consequence of the rebellions of Denmark Vesey in South Carolina and Nat Turner in Virginia?
a) slaves fled to the North
b) revolts broke out throughout the South
c) Conditions for slaves on many southern plantations improved
d) Southern states passed laws designed to tightly control slaves

What was the key issue in the debate over the admission of new states to the Union?
a) the expansion of slavery
b) the building of railroads
c) women’s suffrage
d) support for homesteading

What was the purpose of the Fugitive Slave Law in 1850?
a) to require the return of runaway slaves
b) to prevent slaves from meeting in large groups
c) to stop slaves from testifying in court
d) to grant citizenship to slaves

What is the best example of total war during the Civil War?
a) first shots at Fort Sumter
b) CSS Hunley submarine
c) Sherman’s March to the Sea
d) construction of prison stockades

Why was the United States military strategy known as the Anaconda Plan significant?
a) used King Cotton Diplomacy to end the war
b) strangled the Confederacy by cutting their supplies
c) defeated the Confederacy by attacking their homeland
d) developed submarines to break the blockade

What was the main purpose of the Radical Republican plan for Reconstruction?
a) to provide civil rights for freedmen
b) to help the South rebuild economically
c) to rewrite the South Carolina Constitution
d) to reunite the South and the North

How did the 8 Box Law, gerrymandering (reapportionment), and the poll tax affect black voters?
a) limited their ability to vote
b) legalized segregation
c) outlawed southern vigilantism
d) gave women the right to vote

What did South Carolina Governor Benjamin Tillman believe would benefit farmers?
a) cheaper labor supply
b) more agricultural education
c) money to spend on seed and equipment
d) lower fees on railroads, warehouses, and mills

To what political party did most carpetbaggers, scalawags, and freedmen belong?
a) Democrat
b) WIgs
c) Republicans
d) Redeemers

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