Wright SS 8th Gr Review Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 37493)

Review 2.

Why did the Yazoo Act upset many Georgians?
a) It treated the Native Americans in northern Georgia unfairly
b) It was a scandalous land deal involving much of western Georgia
c) Because of the interference from the federal government during the Great Depression
d) It restricted slavery in new territories out west

Which of the following accurately describes Benjamin Mays?
a) He was a strong influence on Martin Luther King, Jr.
b) He was the first black mayor of Atlanta.
c) He organized the first student sit-ins of the civil rights movement.
d) He played a major role in bringing the 1996 Olympics to Atlanta.

Which of the following MOST accurately describes Jimmy Carter?
a) He was the first Republican in Georgia to be elected governor after Reconstruction.
b) He is remembered by many as a progressive governor and unsuccessful president.
c) He was often criticized for being too militaristic with the Soviets and for missing opportunities for peace in the Middle Eas
d) He served two terms as president before retiring to Georgia.

Which of the following statements BEST describes Georgia during colonial times?
a) Georgia was the first colony to call for rebellion against the British.
b) Georgia was one of the first colonies to send delegates to the Continental Congress.
c) Georgia was the only colony not to sign the Declaration of Independence.
d) Georgia was slower than most colonies to break with England.

Which of the following individuals would have been LEAST likely to support Mayor William Hartsfield?
a) an African-American business leader
b) a white business leader
c) a segregationist
d) an advocate of air travel

In what ways do Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, I-85, and the port at Savannah impact Georgia's economy?
a) They have very little impact because they simply provide modes of transportation.
b) They provide jobs for Georgians while discouraging foreign economic competition.
c) They make Georgia accessible to people from all over the world, help provide jobs for state citizens, and allow the state to
d) They allow imports to arrive and reach Georgians while keeping domestic products at home.

Which of the following was LEAST impacted by William Hartsfield?
a) Atlanta's politics
b) Atlanta's race relations
c) Atlanta's airport
d) Atlanta's professional sports teams

How did African-Americans and many progressive whites react to the adoption of the Confederate Battle Flag (Stars and Bars) in 1956?
a) They were not pleased but did not see it as important in light of other matters.
b) They supported it as a positive change.
c) They were indifferent because they saw it as having little to do with race.
d) They were offended by it and saw it as an attempt to maintain Georgia's segregated past.

What is the extra money that entrepreneurs have left over after paying expenses called?
a) taxes
b) expenditures
c) credit
d) profit

Why did President Roosevelt promote a policy of Lend-Lease prior to Pearl Harbor
a) He did not trust either side fighting in Europe.
b) He wanted to help those fighting German aggression despite public opposition to the war.
c) He still believed Germany could become a US ally.
d) He feared most US citizens wanted a war.

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