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Review The Layer Of The Atmosphere And The Cycling Of Materials Through It.

An isobar shows locations with the same
a) temperature
b) rain fall
c) air pressure
d) wind speed

Which is the name of an air mass that forms over the ocean, near the equator?
a) maritime tropical
b) maritime polar
c) continental tropical
d) continental polar

A meteorologist is a scientist who
a) predicts meteor showers
b) studies maps
c) studies the weather
d) changes the weather

What qualities are nearly the same at different locations in a single air mass
a) temperature and humidity
b) air pressure and wind speed
c) air pressure and humdity
d) temperature and pressure

As altitude increases, air pressure usually
a) decreases
b) increases
c) varies more
d) varies less

Which type of cloud is most likely to bring thunderstorms?
a) stratus
b) altostratus
c) cumulonimbus
d) cirrus

Clouds composed of ice crystals form under conditions of
a) strong winds
b) high altitude
c) low humidity
d) high pressure

What are low altitude clouds composed of
a) snowflakes
b) raindrops
c) water droplets
d) water vapor

Any type of liquid or solid form of water that falls to earth's surface is called
a) monsoon
b) dew
c) precipitation
d) humidity

Condensation increases with greater
a) relative humidity
b) air temperature
c) air pressure
d) wind speed

Which gas absorbs UV radiation?
a) carbon dioxide
b) methane
c) ozone
d) water vapor

Winds curve as they move across Earth's surface because of
a) Coriolis Effect
b) Air pressure
c) humidity
d) relative humidity

What keeps Earth's surface warm?
a) Conduction
b) the ozone layer
c) convection
d) the greenhouse effect

In which of the atmosphere's layers does temperature decrease as altitude increaseas
a) troposphere and stratosphere
b) troposphere and mesosphere
c) stratosphere and mesosphere
d) stratosphere and thermosphere

The gas that makes up the largest percentage of the atmosphere's substance is
a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) water vapor
d) carbon dioxide

What process moves energy from Earth's surface to high in the troposphere?
a) solar energy
b) conduction
c) convection
d) nitrogen cycle

Which is produced when a warm air mass pushes a colder air mass
a) stationary front
b) cold front
c) warm front
d) thunderstorm

Compared with warm fronts, cold fronts are
a) less steep
b) faster moving
c) less dense
d) more cloudy

Which statement is usually true of high pressure systems in North AmericaA
a) they bring fair weather
b) they change quickly
c) the air in them is cold and dense
d) the air in them moves counterclockwise

Thunderstorms often begin with the rising of
a) cool dry air
b) cool humid air
c) warm dry air
d) warm humid air

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