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Which of the following is the main cause of pollution in Chernobyl, Ukraine?
a) radiation from nuclear power plant explosion
b) pollution of the Great Lakes
c) drilling for oil
d) deforestation of the rain forest

Which of the following is a reason for the destruction of Brazil's rain forest?
a) growing wheat
b) cattle ranching
c) building factories
d) newspaper production

Which feature is found on the western border of South America?
a) Andes Mountains
b) Sierra Madre Mountains
c) Pyrenees Mountains
d) Atlantic Ocean

Which of the following allows passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean?
a) Amazon River
b) Gulf of Mexico
c) Caribbean Sea
d) Panama Canal

Which country has a problem with air pollution due to a large population, older vehicles, and geographic location?
a) United Kingdom
b) Mexico
c) Brazil
d) Venezuela

Which of the following is not an environmental concern of Germany?
a) pollution of lakes and rivers from acid rain
b) erosion of buildings and statues due to acid rain
c) oil pollution from drilling for oil
d) death to trees in the Black Forest

Which of the following is shared by the USA and Canada?
a) Rocky Mountains and Canadian Shield
b) Mississippi River and the Hudson Bay
c) Great Lakes and the Hudson Bay
d) Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains

Which of the following separates Europe from Asia?
a) Rhine River
b) Pyrenees Mountains
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Ural Mountains

Which of the following is a country, continent, and island?
a) Europe
b) Italy
c) Cuba
d) Australia

Which of the following separates France and the United Kingdom?
a) English Channel
b) Alps Mountains
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Pyrenees Mountains

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