Standards 39-41: Social Reforms Question Preview (ID: 37460)

Social Reforms.

Which of the following was NOT a reform made to improve the lives of the mentally ill and disabled?
a) Special schools for people with visual and hearing impairments were created
b) Mentally ill people were no longer put in prisons with criminals
c) Asylums were built to separate the mentally ill
d) Special education plans were created for students with special needs

Which of the following was not a cause of the temperance movement?
a) People thought drinking was sinful
b) People thought drinking caused crime and violence
c) People thought drinking caused issues at home such as abuse and neglect
d) People thought they shouldn't be taxed on alcohol

What was the purpose of the Second Great Awakening?
a) Increase the number of people who could read and write
b) Increase the number of churches and church members
c) Include more religion in the government
d) Create schools for all students regardless of social class

What was the name of the movement to educate all children regardless of their social class?
a) Reform School Movement
b) Common School Movement
c) Horace Mann School Movement
d) Second Great Awakening

Which of the following does NOT describe prisons before the 19th century reforms?
a) Mentally ill were often imprisoned
b) All prisoners were held together in common space
c) People believed prisons could be used to rehabilitate criminals
d) They were used to hold people awaiting trials

What was the purpose of the Declaration of Sentiments?
a) To list the rights that women felt they were entitled to
b) To list the rights African-Americans felt they were entitled to
c) To list the ways transcendentalists believed you could connect with nature
d) A Declaration to build more churches in the United States

What was the purpose of the Seneca Falls Convention?
a) To fight to end slavery
b) To fight to make all races equal
c) To fight for women's rights
d) To fight for improved education for all

What is temperance?
a) To get rid of slavery
b) To increase education
c) To reduce or ban the consumption of alcohol
d) The increase in religion that occurred in the early 1800s

What is the name for the religious meetings that helped spread religion throughout the United States in the 1820s and 1830s?
a) Fervors
b) Revivals
c) Transcendentals
d) Romantics

What was the purpose of utopian communities?
a) To create societies where everyone was equal
b) To create perfect societies away from the evils of the world
c) To create societies where artists could work on their art in free and peaceful environments
d) To create societies for freed slaves

Which of the following is NOT a belief of the transcendentalists?
a) Every person was born good
b) Connections with nature could help a person lead a more spiritual life
c) People had an individual connection with God
d) Organized religion was the only way to reach heaven

Which of the following is the BEST definition of social reform movement?
a) Changes made to try and make a certain part of society better
b) People moving from one part of the country to another to achieve a higher social status
c) New laws made to make things more equal for different types of people
d) New inventions and ideas were created to make manufacturing easier

Which of the following is NOT a right women gained during the reform movements of the 1800s?
a) The right to vote
b) The right to own property
c) The right to divorce their husbands
d) Better education

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