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The African slave trade grew because European nations wanted the captured Africans
a) to work in the new factories.
b) to replace the labor of the serfs.
c) to work on the plantations in their colonies.
d) to increase the number of soldiers in their armies.

Spain colonized many countries in Latin America. How is Spain's influence still seen in these countries today?
a) No Native American customs and languages have survived.
b) The king of Spain is still the head of state of most of these countries.
c) Most of the people in these countries are Roman Catholic.
d) Most of these countries have a strong democratic tradition.

Withdrawl from WWI, poverty, starvation, overthrow of the czar, civil war and communism are associated with the
a) Chinese Revolution
b) Russian Revolution
c) French Revolution
d) Spanish Revolution

In the 1400s, this man helped Portugal take an early lead in exploration by providing money to study navigation, develop better boats, and encourage voyages along Africa.
a) Prince Henry
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Francisco Pizarro
d) James Cook

In the 1500s, the Incan civilization was conquered by Spanish soldiers led by
a) Ferdinand Magellan
b) Francisco Pizarro
c) Montezuma
d) Vasco da Gama

In the 1500s the Aztec Empire in Central America was conquered by Spanish soldiers led by
a) James Cook
b) Montezuma
c) Hernan Cortes
d) Christopher Columbus

The first Australians were nomadic hunters and gatherers. When Europeans reached Australia, they called the dark-skinned people they encountered _____.
a) Maoris
b) Inuits
c) Aztecs
d) Aborigines

Cortes and Pizarro were able to conquer the Aztecs and Incas because
a) the Native Central Americans were peaceful and refused to fight the Spanish soldiers.
b) the Aztec navy was quickly defeated by the superior Spanish Armada.
c) the Aztecs and Incas were at war eith each other, making them weaker.
d) European diseases killed many Native Central Americas who might have fought the Spanish.

The freedom fighter that worked to free South America and is known as the "Liberator" is _______________.
a) Simon Bolivar
b) Miguel Hidalgo
c) Jose de San Martin
d) Toussaint L'Ouverture

Canada gained its independence from Britain by
a) winning a war against Britain.
b) buying the land from Britain.
c) peaceful means.
d) going to war

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