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How do humans get the carbon they need?
a) through respiration
b) through transpiration
c) by eating things that have carbon
d) by exercising

Carbon is the building block of________
a) life
b) matter
c) energy
d) cells

How do humans get rid of extra carbon?
a) through respiration
b) through transpiration
c) by sweating
d) by exercising

Biotic factors are_____

Why are there no plants deep in the ocean?
a) because there aren't enough nutrients for plants to make their own food
b) because the animals eat them all
c) because the water is too salty to support the life of plants
d) because sunlight does not reach that deep so plants can't make their own food

In which biome would you find trees that go dormant in the winter?
a) tropical rainforest
b) deciduous forest
c) taiga
d) tundra

If all the plants in an ecosystem died, what would happen to the consumers?
a) they would move to another area
b) they would adapt and eat other things
c) they would eventually all die
d) they would call 911

Since plants can't use the nitrogen that's in the air, what helps change the nitrogen into a usable form?
a) bacteria and lightning
b) ammonia and nitrates
c) photosynthesis and respiration
d) water and sunlight

Which level of the energy pyramid has the most energy?
a) the tertiary consumers
b) the secondary consumers
c) the primary consumers
d) the producers

Which of the following is an important ABIOTIC factor of the desert?
a) scorpions
b) jackrabbits
c) sandy soil
d) cacti

Which is an important ABIOTIC factor of the tundra?
a) permafrost
b) polar bears
c) moss and lichen
d) snowy owls

Why are evergreen trees able to survive the environment of the taiga?
a) they go dormant until it is spring
b) they lose their leaves and sleep until spring
c) they grow close together and have needle like leaves to conserve moisture
d) they know that nothing will eat them in the winter

How are humans upsetting the carbon and nitrogen cycles?
a) we are planting and harvesting too many trees
b) we are burning fossil fuels that release these gases into the air
c) we are overhunting animals that have carbon and nitrogen in them
d) we are burning too much firewood

In a food chain, an arrow is drawn from a grasshopper to a bird. What does this mean?
a) the grasshopper eats the bird
b) the bird eats the grasshopper
c) the energy is flowing from the grasshopper to the bird
d) the energy is flowing from the bird to the grasshopper

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