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How did Canada achieve independence from Great Britain?
a) by a war for independence
b) as a result of the American Revolution
c) as a result of the British defeat of the French
d) by means of negotiations over a period of time

Who were the first inhabitants of Australia?
a) prisoners from Britain
b) Europeans looking for spices.
c) people who migrated from Asia
d) sailors from Captain Cook's ships

Which of the following was an important cause of the Russian Revolution in 1917?
a) differences among religious and ethnic groups in Russia
b) an unussual attempt by China to invade Russia
c) differences among social and economic classes in Russia
d) an unsuccessful attempt by Britain to invade Russia

Which country had the most significant impact on the language and relgion of Latin America?
a) Britain
b) France
c) Spain
d) Portugal

After a ten year struggle, Haiti was the first nation in Latin America to gain independence in 1804. How did Haiti win independence from France?
a) in a revolution started by Simon Bolivar
b) when the British defeated Napoleon at Waterloo
c) in a revolt led by the former slave, Toussain L'Ouverture
d) as part of the treaty at the end of the French and Indian War

A book about the history of Latin America during the 1800s featuring Toussaint L'Ouverture, Simon Bolivar, and Miguel Hidalgo, would most likely have which title?
a) The Rise of Communism in Latin America
b) Independence Movements in Latin America
c) United States Colonies in Latin America
d) The Rise of Slave Trade in Latin America

In the 1800s, Miguel Hidalgo helped to inspire the people of Mexico to rise up against which country to eventually gain independence?
a) England
b) Spain
c) France
d) Russia

Today, some citizens and elected leaders of Quebec believe their province should take which action?
a) refuse to trade with the United States
b) close its borders to all new immigrants
c) withdraw from the United Nations
d) become an independent country

Today, some Canadian citizens want to be their own independent country. Which province are they from?
a) Ontario
b) Manitoba
c) Alberta
d) Quebec

What was not a reason for the establishment of Eurpean overseas colonies?
a) Europeans wanted to spread Christianity to other peoples.
b) European industry needed more sources of raw materials
c) Europeans were interested in learning from other cultures.
d) Europeans thought that colonies would buy European products.

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