Civil War Review Question Preview (ID: 37445)

Benchmark Review 1.

What part of the United States is known for their agricultural economy?
a) South
b) North
c) East
d) West

What part of the United States is known for their Industrial economy?
a) South
b) North
c) East
d) West

Where was the first battle of the Civil War?
a) Appotomax Courthouse
b) Battle of Bull Run
c) Battle of Fort Sumter
d) Battle of Shiloh

The North held many advantages at the beginning of the civil war except:
a) most major financial institutions were in the North
b) the North occupied more territory than the South
c) the North had more railroad lines
d) the North had more factories

European states did not aid the Confederacy in the Civil War because
a) Union diplomats made many efforts to convince them not to
b) there were alternative sources of cotton and other crops they could turn to
c) they did not believe the Confederacy could win
d) All the reasons given helped convince the Europeans not to assist the Confederacy.

The Battle of Vicksburg was an important victory for the Union because
a) it reversed several Union defeats in the same year
b) it came quickly, with a minimal loss of Union life
c) it gave the Union a pathway to Atlanta
d) The six week Battle of Vicksburg occurred in 1863 and helped turn the war in the Union's favor.

This term refers to someone who wanted to abolish slavery
a) Abolitionists
b) Temperance
c) School Movement
d) Reform Movement

What is a slave state?
a) A state that does not allow slavery
b) A state that likes slavery but doesnt have it
c) A state that allows slavery
d) A state that likes cats

What is a free state?
a) A state where you have no freedoom
b) A state where you can have as many cats as you want
c) A state where you can do whatever you want
d) A state that does not allow slavery

________was an enslaved person owned by an army doctor. The U.S, Supreme Court decided he couldn't sue in federal court because he was property, not a citizen.
a) Dred Scott
b) John Brown
c) Nat Turner
d) Harpers Ferry

____________ was Invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. It removed seeds from cotton fibers. Now cotton could be processed quickly and cheaply. Results: more cotton is grown and more slaves are needed for more acres of cotton fields
a) Pull Loom
b) Cotton Gin
c) Spinning Jenny
d) Telephone

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