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Africa.[print questions]

this country has the nile river in it
a) egypt
b) nigeria
c) kenya
d) georgia

what region are the atlas mountians in
a) western
b) eastern
c) northern
d) southern

where would people most likley live
a) sahara
b) tropical rain forest
c) sahel
d) savanna

what did children die from
a) air pollution
b) rain
c) water pollution
d) lions

which ethinc group has two calenders
a) arab
b) islam
c) swahili
d) bantu

what religion is located in north africa
a) christian
b) muslim
c) bantu
d) catholic

which place has a lot of rain
a) sahel
b) sahara
c) savanna
d) rain forest

what country is the biggest in africa
a) congo
b) nigeria
c) egypt
d) kenya

what area have little rainfall
a) sahara
b) sahel
c) savanna
d) rainforest

what feature is located in south africa
a) sahara
b) sahel
c) kalahari
d) nile

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