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Which of the following types of government has shared power?
a) federal
b) dictatorship
c) oligarchy
d) autocracy

Which of the following governments is characterized by total government control?
a) parliamentary democracy
b) oligarchy
c) presidential democracy
d) dictatorship

Which of the following best describes the government of Australia?
a) federal parliamentary democracy
b) autocracy
c) representative democracy
d) presidential democracy

Which type of government would most likely abolish all opposing political parties, the direct election of leaders, and free speach?
a) autocratic
b) representative democracy
c) constitutional monarchy
d) republic

In which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?
a) presidential democracy
b) dictatorship
c) parliamentary democracy
d) communist

What is the basic way citizens of a democratic nation can influence the government?
a) working
b) consuming goods
c) obeying laws
d) voting

Which best describes how a parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy?
a) The legislature consists of two houses.
b) The head of the government is a member of the legislature.
c) There are state as well as national governments.
d) There are usually two major political parties.

This group was created in 1993 for the purpose of creating a single economic market in which there are no barriers to trade, service, or capital among the member states.
a) Warsaw Pact
b) South East Asian Treaty Organization
c) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
d) European Union

Which of the following best identifies the government of Mexico?
a) parliamentary democracy
b) communist
c) presidential democracy
d) oligarchy

Which of the following is the name of Australia\'s legislative branch?
a) Parliament
b) Federal Assembly
c) Duma
d) Congress

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