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What was the author\'s reaction when her friends described their experiences with the Holocost?
a) Was uninterested.
b) ?
c) Didn't care.
d) Understood why people didn\'t talk about their experiences.

The author believes there is no better way to teach human dignity than through a story.
a) True
b) ..
c) ..
d) False

What was the author\'s response to Ruth, the 13 year old girl?
a) Thought the story was cool.
b) ...
c) Told Ruth that she would cry with her.
d) Said the story was made up.

Most people wanted to tell their stories.
a) True
b) ...
c) ...
d) False

A young man approached the author and said,
a) I don\'t want to hear about my family\'s experience.
b) ...
c) My mother told me about all of her experiences in Germany.
d) Please tell me about my mother. She would never talk to me about her experiences.

Why tell rather than write oral history?
a) It\'s way better!
c) There is no either/or.
d) Telling is more interesting.

Because of this author\'s published readings....
a) Students in a school chose to study the subject further.
d) Some people were slightly interested in the subject.

People talked about their experiences right after the Holocost
a) True
b) ..
c) ..
d) False

I enjoyed this reading.
a) True!!
b) ..
c) .
d) False

Storytellers are the ............. not only of oral traditions but also of the right to tell and listen to the history of human development
a) people
b) man
c) humans
d) conservators

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