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This Is A Review Test For The Unit Over The Roman Empire.[print questions]

The Roman emperor who the Father of the Country
a) Caeser
b) Augustus
c) Aurelius
d) Constantine

Augusts main aim as emperor was
a) dividing the empire with war
b) bringing in new religion
c) conquering new territories
d) establishing the empire as stable and peaceful

The nother boundry of the empire, under Augustus rule, was
a) Rine River to Danube River
b) Tibrus to Po River
c) Alps Mountians
d) English Channel

What is it called when we count the population?
a) a domus
b) a census
c) a tarriff
d) an omen

What was the 200 year period of peace called?
a) The census
b) The Pax Romana
c) A Roman Law
d) The Mustang way

As the empire expanded, Roman law changed because
a) different laws were needed
b) favoritism between Romans and non-Romans
c) consistent laws needed
d) no one knew their job

Why did the Politicians sponsor public games?
a) to gain power
b) to keep peace
c) to help others
d) win votes

Who brought peace, patriatism and pride to Rome?
a) Mr. Schlep
b) Mr. Sinn
c) Augustus
d) Octavian

What does rule by divine right mean?
a) the would have to pay gods to rule
b) they would have to ask god if you can rule
c) they would have to give up first born
d) they would have to be born into a family that was wealthy

What group attacked the Roman frontiers in Greece and Gual?
a) Germanic Raiders from North and Centeral Europe
b) Germanic raiders from South America
c) Germanic Raiders from North America
d) Germanic Raiders from China

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