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The dispute over representation in Congress between large and small states was settled in the United States Constitution by
a) creating a two-house legislature
b) establishing the reserved powers
c) forming the electoral college

The major purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to
a) justify the actions of people seeking to overthrow British colonial rule
b) describe a strategy for the defeat of the British in the Revolutionary War
c) provide for the establishment of new state governments

According to the Declaration of Independence, the purpose of government is to
a) secure natural rights for the people
b) establish separation of church and state
c) provide for the defense of the country

After a servant served his or her indenture, an employer was required to give the servant
a) freedom dues
b) free land
c) a share of the master’s crop

William Penn of Pennsylvania granted ________________ to every settler who came to that colony.
a) freedom of religion
b) a farm
c) church membership

Historians learn about the past by examining
a) journals, speeches and old newspapers
b) bones and artifacts
c) trees and vegetation of the forest

What do the opening words of the United States Constitution, “We, the people ...,” mean?
a) The power of the government comes from the consent of the governed.
b) All citizens are guaranteed freedom of speech.
c) Federal laws are subject to popular vote.

Which principle was most fundamental to the authors of the Constitution?
a) a government of limited powers
b) direct elections of the President
c) executive control over the power to spend money

The Monroe Doctrine involved the United States in the affairs of
a) Latin American
b) Asia
c) Canada

What was the view of President Abraham Lincoln as it related to secession?
a) It was a rejection of democracy.
b) It was not enough of a reason for a civil war.
c) It was an acceptable expression of states’ rights.

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