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Which of the following made it difficult to build the transcontinental railroad?
a) mountains
b) Congress
c) ranchers
d) miners

Which of these groups did the completion of the transcontinental railroad help?
a) the Spanish
b) the French
c) Native Americans
d) farmers

What did the Homestead Act of 1862 do?
a) protect bison population from being killed.
b) allowed heads of household at least 21 years old to claim acres of land
c) declare that all Chinese immigrants move to the East Coast
d) allow the branding of cattle

Which of the following is a group that got kicked off their land in the West?
a) Mexicans
b) farmers
c) ranchers
d) cowboys

Which event made the work of cowboys driving cattle through the plains difficult?
a) the rise of big cities all over the West
b) the Chinese Exclusion Act
c) the Homestead Act
d) farmers who fenced in their land

How did Chinese immigrants most contribute to the development of the West during the 1800s?
a) through mining and railroad building
b) through ranching and building
c) through farming and cleaning
d) through mining and ranching

Why were Native Americans opposed to living on reservations?
a) They could not live in tents there.
b) They were crowded and had bad land and no water.
c) They could not bring their families with them.
d) They had to live with many other tribes.

Which landform was the most difficult for settlers to cross on their way to California?
a) the Great Plains
b) the Rocky Mountains
c) the Mississippi River
d) the Appalachian Mountains

Why was the time of the year important to settlers traveling on wagon trains?
a) There was always a shortage of water in the summer.
b) They supply of gold in California was running out quickly.
c) The snow in winter made travel very dangerous.
d) The government only allowed travel to the West during the spring.

Which of the following was a reason the transcontinental railroad was built?
a) to carry tons of gold to the cities
b) to connect Canada and Mexcio
c) to provide a faster route between the East and West
d) to transport Chinese immigrants to the East Coast

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