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Why did Lincoln's Reconstruction plan change into one that included the humiliation of Southern elites?
a) Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
b) Andrew Johnson was a Democrat.
c) Andrew Johnson believed in states' rights.
d) Lincoln wanted apologies from wealthy Southerners.

Why was building schools part of the work of the Freedman's Bureau?
a) to make money for the government
b) to provide African Americans access to education
c) to make sure that crops were planted the right way
d) to control the economy

What did the 13th Amendment do?
a) declared the Black codes
b) created a treaty with Native Americans
c) made slavery illegal in the United States
d) gave African Americans the right to vote

Who owned the crops grown by sharecroppers?
a) the sharecroppers
b) the plantation owners
c) the federal government
d) the state government

Which of these was responsible for building many schools throughout the South during Reconstruction?
a) Republicans
b) Democrats
c) the military
d) the Freedmen's Bureau

How did the 14th Amendment affect African Americans?
a) It made them United States citizens.
b) It gave them the right to vote.
c) It ended slavery in the United States
d) It gave them equal rights with whites.

Why did the KKK use violence?
a) to terrorize African Americans
b) to protect African Americans
c) to scare Southern democrats
d) because they declared war against the United States

What was the purpose of the black codes?
a) to keep African Americans from gaining equality
b) to keep people from wearing black
c) to bring down the price of cotton
d) to improve the economy

How did the goals of Southerners and members of Congress differ throughout Reconstruction?
a) Southerners did not want Reconstruction to end.
b) Congress wanted to protect the rights of African Americans
c) Southerners wanted the military to stay and help them through
d) Congress did not want the Freedmen's Bureau created.

How did the 15th Amendment change some people's lives?
a) It ended slavery and freed slaves in the South.
b) It gave legal protections to all US citizens
c) to made everyone in the US citizens
d) It gave African American men the right to vote.

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