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Certain bacteria live in the digestive systems of cows. The bacteria receive nutrients from food the cows eat. This relation is mutualistic because the cows
a) need to find extra food.
b) can digest food more easily.
c) inherit a dangerous disease.
d) develop painful stomach cramps.

Kudzu is a common plant found in Alabama. Which statement correctly describes a relationship between kudzu and an abiotic factor in an ecosystem?
a) A deer eats kudzu.
b) The Sun helps the kudzu grow.
c) Kudzu vines cover nearby trees.
d) Kudzu leaves provide shelter for insects.

Which prefix refers to life/living?
a) bio-
b) a-
c) hydro-
d) geo-

Which term refers to nonliving things?
a) biotic
b) abiotic
c) mutualistic
d) metabolic

Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) Sun
b) deer
c) soil
d) water

Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
a) dog
b) soil
c) tree
d) wildflowers

Which statement describes a mutualistic relationship between populations of insects and wildflowers in a prairie ecosystem?
a) Both the insect and wildflower populations benefit from one another.
b) Both the insect and wildflower populations are unaffected by one another.
c) The wildflower populations are harmed, but the insect populations benefit.
d) The insect populations are harmed, but the wildflower populations benefit.

A certain species of vine grows on the trunk of a tree. The vine uses the tree to help it reach sunlight. Its relationship with the tree is called commensalism, meaning that
a) the vine takes nutrients from the tree.
b) the vine chokes the tree limbs that it surrounds.
c) the tree is not harmed by the vine climbing on it.
d) the tree benefits from having the vine grow on it.

Cougars eat foxes, foxes eat rabbits, and rabbits eat dandelions. Which statement best describes a relationship between the populations in this community?
a) The dandelions receive energy from the rabbits.
b) The rabbits provide energy to the foxes.
c) The dandelions receive energy from the cougars.
d) The foxes receive energy from the cougars.

Bald eagles eat salmon. Salmon eat small fish. Small fish eat krill. Krill eat plankton. How would the community most likely change if krill were removed?
a) The salmon population would increase.
b) The small fish population would increase.
c) The plankton population would increase.
d) The bald eagle population would decrease.

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