Interior Design Final Exam Question Preview (ID: 37394)

Review For The Test.

What are the 3 primary colors?
a) Red, Yellow, Green
b) Red, Blue, and Yellow
c) Blue, Purple, Yellow
d) Orange, Purple, and Green

Which of the following is NOT an example of complimentary colors?
a) Blue and Orange
b) Yellow and Purple
c) Red and Green
d) Green and Purple

You will need to draw examples of the Elements and Prinicpals ..... How many days are in this month?
a) 31
b) 28
c) 30
d) 29

Which of the following is the definition of FORM?
a) using the three concepts of hue, value, and intensity
b) a closed line
c) a mark with a greater length than width
d) 3D shapes that express length, width, and depth

Which of the following is the definition of PATTERN?
a) the feeling of unity between objects
b) repeating of an object or symbol in a work of art
c) the feeling of harmony between objects
d) part of the design that catches the viewers attention

Which of the following is the definition of SPACE?
a) the area between and around objects
b) the lightness in changing values
c) the light reflected off objects
d) the use of several different elements

Which one is NOT an Element of Art?
a) Line
b) Form
c) Color
d) Pattern

Which of the following is NOT a Principle of Design?
a) Balance
b) Rhythm
c) Variety
d) Space

Which of the two is the correct title of our units?
a) Elements of Design and Principles of Art
b) Elements of Art and Principles of Design
c) Elements of Metal and Principles of Motion
d) Elements of Color and Principles of Painting

Which of the following is an example of a color scheme?
a) shading
b) warm
c) monochromatic
d) tertiary

Which does NOT describe a way to save energy at home?
a) Using florescent lightbulbs
b) Installing solar panels
c) Taking shorter showers or baths
d) Turning off the lights when leaving a room

Which appliance has an Energy Efficient (EE) purchase option?
a) Sink
b) Microwave
c) Washers and Dryers
d) Garbage Disposal

Which of the following is the definition of a floor plan?
a) A picture of the floor in a house
b) A drawing of the shape of a room and how the furniture is arranged
c) The direction in which you are meant to move about a room
d) A regular set of tasks that need completed daily

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