USI.3a And C - Archaeology And Resources Question Preview (ID: 37386)

This Covers Archaeology And Recourses For End Of The Year Review.

What is the recovery material evidence remaining from the past and study human behavior based on those artifacts?
a) Archaeology
b) Biology
c) Terminology
d) Geology

What is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the United States?
a) Empire Mountain
b) Cactus Hill
c) Alberta Civilization
d) Zarahemla

True of False: Evidence that humans lived at Cactus Hill have arisen questions about the time and way early Americans arrived in North America?
a) True
b) False

All of the following are natural resources except:
a) Wood
b) Stone
c) Canoe
d) Animal Skins

All of the following are Human Resources except:
a) Hunter
b) Warrior
c) Farmer
d) Spear

All of the following are examples of capital resources except:
a) Canoe
b) Bow and Arrow
c) Clay Pot
d) Buffalo

American Indian groups met their basic needs according to ...
a) Geography
b) Climate
c) Resources
d) All of the answers

What river is Cactus Hill located by?
a) Mississippi River
b) New River
c) Nottoway River
d) Potomac River

All of the following are types of resources except:
a) Natural
b) Economical
c) Human
d) Capital

Which of the following statements is not true?
a) American Indians fished, hunted, and harvested crops for food.
b) Clothing was made from animal skins and plants
c) The American Indians had to learn from European explorers how to use natural resources.
d) Shelter was made of resources found in the environment

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