Chapter 8 Section 3 Review Question Preview (ID: 37373)

Greek Mythology And Literature.

A story that teaches a lesson is called a...
a) myth
b) fable
c) tall tale
d) nonfiction story

A story thats main characters consist of gods or goddesses is a ...
a) fable
b) myth
c) comedy
d) realistic-fiction

What is a myth?
a) A story that teaches a lesson
b) A story that explains why something happens
c) A story that keeps you guessing
d) A story based on facts

What Greek goddess do the Greeks claim is responsible for winter?
a) Aphrodite
b) Athena
c) Demeter
d) Poseidon

Who did the Greeks believe were responsbilbe for things like earthquakes, thunder, seasons, diseases, etc?
a) Angry people
b) gods
c) Lazy people
d) Humans

What type of literature is often set to music?
a) Epics
b) Fables
c) Romantic poetry
d) Lyric poetry

What were most of the characters in Aesop's fables?
a) heroes
b) animals
c) slaves
d) kings

Where did the Greeks travel to receive advice?
a) Athens
b) Rome
c) Delphi
d) America

A story thats main characters consist of animals is a
a) Realisitic fiction
b) Myth
c) Fable
d) Non-fiction

What teaches lessons to the reader or gives advice?
a) Epics
b) Fables
c) Romantic poetry
d) Lyric poems

Which myth explains why we now have greed, envy, hatred, sickness, and disease?
a) The Golden Touch
b) The Tangled Web
c) Pandora's Box
d) Sickness in the World

What did the Greeks build to keep the gods happy?
a) small statues
b) wrote books
c) built temples
d) built new houses for peasants

True or False: The ancient Greeks believed in many gods.
a) True
b) False

Who wrote the famous epics The Illiad and The Odyssey?
a) Aesop
b) Zeus
c) Homer
d) Hades

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