Science 5 Chapter 6 Test Question Preview (ID: 37366)

Space Science.

What does Earth rotate around?
a) an axis
b) the sun
c) the moon
d) stars

Which is not a layer of the sun?
a) photosphere
b) solar flare
c) corona
d) chromosphere

Which planet has a rocky surface?
a) Neptune
b) Venus
c) Saturn
d) Jupiter

Which of these planets is most like Earth?
a) Jupiter
b) Venus
c) Neptune
d) Mars

Which choice below lists the correct order of the planets from the Sun?
a) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
b) Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter
c) Mars, Venus, Earth, Saturn
d) Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn

What do Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have in common?
a) They all have rocky surfaces.
b) They all appear to be similar to Earth.
c) They are all gaseous planets.
d) They all appear to be made of rock and ice.

Which is an object in the solar system that is a frozen mass of ice and dust?
a) an asteroid
b) a comet
c) a moon
d) a planet

Which is true about planets and asteroids?
a) They are round.
b) They have an atmosphere.
c) They revolve around the sun.
d) They have cleared their orbit.

What causes the change in seasons?
a) Earth's axis is tilted, and as it travels around the sun, different parts of the Earth receive the direct rays of the sun.
b) Earth's orbit is elliptical, and during parts of the year we are closer to the sun which makes it hotter.
c) Earth wobbles back and forth in its orbit causing the seasonal change.
d) Ice comes down from the North pole in winter, and warmth comes up from the Equator in summer.

A student says she saw a shower of shooting stars. What did she probably really see?
a) She saw a meteor shower. Loose comet pieces come into contact with the atmosphere and burn up, causing streaks of light.
b) She saw stars changing positions in the sky. As they move around, they leave a trail of stardust.
c) She saw the planets. Planets are objects that change position in the sky, while stars do not change position.
d) She saw airplanes. At night, airplanes often look like streaks of light shooting across the sky.

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