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Earth's liquid water is found in the
a) atmosphere.
b) hydrosphere.
c) geosphere.
d) stratosphere.

The prefix hydro- refers to
a) earth/land.
b) air.
c) water.
d) space.

The prefix geo- refers to
a) earth/land.
b) space.
c) water.
d) clouds.

Weather occurs in the
a) geosphere.
b) hydrosphere.
c) atmosphere.
d) stratosphere.

Water evaporating from the surface of a lake moves from the
a) atmosphere to the geosphere.
b) geosphere to the hydrosphere.
c) hydrosphere to the atmosphere.
d) atmosphere to the hydrosphere.

Which of the following spheres does a tornado effect?
a) hydrosphere
b) hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere
c) geosphere
d) hydrosphere and geosphere

Which statement best describes the location of a mountain?
a) It is a part of the stratosphere found above the geosphere.
b) It is a part of the geosphere found beneath the atmosphere.
c) It is a part of the atmosphere found above the hydrosphere.
d) It is a part of the hydrosphere found beneath the troposphere.

Which statement describes an activity that takes place in the hydroshpere?
a) Lava from a volcano hardens to form new rocks.
b) Water soaks through rocks and soil to underground caves.
c) Harmful rays from the Sun are absorbed by gas particles.
d) When warm air rises, cooler air flows in, creating wind.

In which two spheres of Earth are the effects of both volcanoes and earthquakes found?
a) geosphere and hydrosphere
b) stratosphere and thermosphere
c) stratosphere and hydrosphere
d) geosphere and mesosphere

Orbiting weather satellites would be found in which of these layers?
a) atmosphere
b) lithosphere
c) hydrosphere
d) geosphere

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