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Which of the following is an example of potential energy?
a) A glass har sitting on a shelf
b) A flag waving in the wind
c) A ball rolling along a sidewalk
d) A battery powering a radio

A car manufacturer reduces the mass of a car by 250kg. If the new design is otherwise identical to the old design, how will the new car compare to the old car?
a) It will have a greater gravitational attraaction to the road.
b) It will require more fuel to operate.
c) It will need less force to move.
d) It will release more gas emissions.

A student predicts that similar ice cubes will melt faster in a microwave than in a pot on the stove. How should htis hypothesis be tested?
a) Measure and compare the volume of the pot and the microwave.
b) Determine the volume of liquid water made by each ice cube.
c) Observe and record the time for each ice cube to completely change to a liquid.
d) Identify and record the temperature of each ice cube before each trial.

Which of these best describes the particle motion taking place as CO2 gas os exposed tp freezing temperatures?
a) The particles decrease in speed.
b) The particles move with more force.
c) The motion of the particles becomes random.
d) The motion of the particles is unchanged.

The best scientific reason for a a scientist to accept a specific theory is---
a) to obtain funding for the research
b) that research and observations support the theory
c) because there can only be one correct theory
d) to gain recognition as a great scientist

How is the modern model of an atom different from the Bohr atomic model?
a) The masses of the atomic particles are different.
b) The numbers of electrons are different.
c) The shapes of the nuclei are different.
d) The arrangements of the electrons are different.

Human sweat is the direct result of which life functions?
a) Respiration and cellular growth.
b) Digestion and disease prevention.
c) Reproductiona and cellular transport.
d) Waste removal and temperature control.

Which of the following are products of combustion?
a) Heat and light
b) Newly discovered elements.
c) Liquid and solid water
d) Additional atoms

Whidh of these substances is an element?
a) Steel
b) Chlorine
c) Plastic
d) Sugar

Clouds are formed when millions of drops of water become suspended in the air. Which of the following is a step in the process of cloud formation?
a) Expansion of cold air.
b) Formation of carbon dioxide.
c) Condensation of water vapor.
d) Breakdown of atomospheric ozone.

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