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Claxton has warm, moist air in our area. The meteorolgist says that cold, dry air will be moving in with an approaching cold front. Which of the following may possibly form?
a) hurricane
b) tsunami
c) tide
d) tornado

The sun's radiant energy is NOT a major factor in producing
a) the water cycle
b) humidity of air
c) air temperature
d) motion of tides

Which of the following processes leads to cloud formation?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) run off

Which factor is most important to the decrease in a hurricane's strength as it moves from the ocean onto land?
a) the uneven land surface
b) the lack of warm, moist air over land
c) rising hot air from the land
d) precipitation falling from the clouds

Why is nighttime so long in Alaska in the winter?
a) the Earth's distance from the Sun is greater
b) the speed of the Earth's rotation
c) the Moon's gravitational pull
d) the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun

It is warmer near the equator than near the poles. Which of the following BEST explains this temperature difference?
a) the Earth's axial tilt
b) the difference in prevailing winds
c) the distance the equator and poles are from the Sun
d) the Earth's rotation on its axis

Warm air rising at the equator and cold air sinking at the poles is one reason for whic event?
a) global winds
b) tides
c) moon phases
d) Coriolis force

At a beach, the water and sand are not absorbing and losing heat equally. Which is MOST LIKELY to occur?
a) rain
b) snow
c) humidity
d) wind

Which statement about Earth's heating patterns is true?
a) The rate of cooling depends on the season.
b) Large bodies of water cool more quickly than land.
c) Land cools more quickly than large bodies of water.
d) Land and large bodies of water cool at the same rate.

How might ocean currents affect Georgia?
a) The Gulf Stream current warms Georgia's climate.
b) The Gulf Stream current cools Georgia's climate.
c) The California current warms Georgia's climate.
d) The California Current cools Georgia's climate.

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