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Out of a dolphin, jellyfish, and a crab, these animals are grouped together because all of them
a) live in the water
b) are fish
c) are warm-blooded
d) lay eggs

All of these can be inherited by people EXCEPT-
a) height
b) eye color
c) blood type
d) language

Which of the following is an example of static electricity?
a) A dry-cell battery connected to wires lights up a light bulb.
b) A balloon sticks to a wall after it is rubbed with a piece of wool.
c) A magnet sticks to a refrigerator door made of metal.
d) A light switch that is turned on runs a ceiling fan.

During which phase does the Moon receive sunlight only on the side facing away from the Earth?
a) Full Moon
b) New Moon
c) Waning gibbous
d) Waxing gibbous

A coal-burning facility is constructed in an area containing several pond ecosystems. How will this human activity most likely affect the pond ecosystem?
a) More nutrients will be available.
b) Organism diverstiy will increase.
c) Disease will become less common.
d) Water quality will be reduced.

Which characteristic is used to classify frogs into a different phylum from squid, snails, and jellyfish?
a) Frogs are predators.
b) Frogs breathe oxygen.
c) Frogs have backbones.
d) Frogs live on land.

Which is an SI metric unit of measurement that is used to record the heat transfer of a solution in a classroom investigation?
a) Liter
b) Newton
c) Volt
d) Degree Celsius

Black bears roam over large territories. What effect would building shopping centers in these territories have on the bears?
a) Promote an increase in black bear reproduction
b) Stabilize the black bear population
c) Reduse the black bears' habitat
d) Introduce a new bear population to the area

C + O2------CO2 According to this equation, what happened to the carbon and oxygen?
a) They combined chemically to form a new compound.
b) They combined chemically to form carbon and oxygen.
c) They combined physically to form a new mixture.
d) They combined physically to form a new element.

Which energy transformation occurs first in a coal-burning power plant?
a) Chemical energy to thermal energy
b) Thermal energy to mechanical energy
c) Thermal energy to electrical energy
d) Mechanical energy to electrical energy

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