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Grammar Review.

In spite of ____ milk on the grill, he was unwilling to clean it.
a) Bill spilling
b) Bill's spilling
c) Bill-spilling
d) Bill's spilling's

How is the infinitive phrase used in this sentence? Tess wants to hike in Peru and Paraguay.
a) noun
b) adjective
c) adverb
d) preposition

Which phrase in bold type is an adjective phrase? Choose the sentence.
a) Anna knitted sixteen scarves FOR HER FRIENDS.
b) She knitted WITH TINY NEEDLES and made intricate patterns.
c) She worked BESIDE A STRONG LAMP to help her see clearly.
d) The yarn flew THROUGH HER HANDS.

What is the verbal in this sentence? I heard that the singing waiters were a hit at the town supper.
a) heard
b) singing
c) were
d) at

What is the participial phrase in this sentence? Hoping for adventure, I took a class in snorkeling last year.
a) Hoping
b) Hoping for adventure
c) took
d) snorkeling

In which sentence is the infinitive phrase in CAPS used as an adjective?
a) You have been patient TO LISTEN TO ME.
c) Although I am just thirteen, I have something TO SAY ABOUT EVERYTHING.
d) You might be sorry TO MISS ANY DETAILS!

What is the gerund phrase in this sentence? Getting a puppy would be the crowning event of my birthday.
a) Getting a puppy
b) Getting
c) the crowning
d) the crowning event

HOW MANY PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES? After school Ricardo biked to his aunt's house on Maple Street.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Which of the following is NOT a prepositional phrase?
a) over the fence
b) under the bridge
c) after we ate
d) before noon

Which preposition in CAPS has an incorrect object? Choose the sentence.
a) After Jim's speech, Stella gave feedback TO he.
b) They talked as Jim stood in line BEHIND her in the cafeteria.
c) I could see the animated conversation BETWEEN them.
d) Stella liked Jim's speech but disagreed with the opinions IN it.

Which of the following is a subordinate clause?
a) Jackie set up her face-painting booth
b) when she greeted her first customer
c) Jackie painted the school mascot on the customer's chin
d) let Jackie paint a rose on your nose

Which word correctly completes this sentence? Which boy is the one ____ has bought a new camera?
a) whose
b) whom
c) who
d) where

Which of the following is NOT a relative pronoun?
a) what
b) who
c) which
d) that

What is the adjective clause in this sentence? That hoop skirt, which is very old, seems uncomfortable to wear.
a) That hoop skirt
b) which is very old
c) seems uncomfortable
d) to wear

Which word is NOT a subordinating conjunction?
a) and
b) if
c) since
d) than

____ phoned Lamar tried to sell him a huge computer system.
a) whomever
b) whoever
c) who ever
d) whom

What is the noun clause in this sentence? I can guess who is winning the race.
a) I can guess
b) can guess
c) winning the race
d) who is winning the race

Which sentence has a nonessential clause?
a) I went to the square dance that was held at the gym.
b) The caller who led the dance explained the moves.
c) I now can do-si-do, which is a simple move.
d) Some girls wore full skirts that whirled around them.

Which of the following is a clause?
a) wandering through the jungle
b) Mac's favorite casserole
c) a jar of trinkets
d) I'd like dinner now

Which clause in CAPS is NOT an adverb clause? Choose the sentence.
a) I want to go to the cafe WHERE WILL HAD LUNCH.
b) WHEN HE ARRIVED, he ordered the garbanzo bean salad.
c) He ate that garbanzo salad slowly BECAUSE IT TASTED GREAT.
d) BEFORE YOU USE GARBANZO BEANS, you must soak them.

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