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What is the cause of most ocean surface currents?
a) gravity
b) wind
c) moon
d) upwellings

Ocean waves are created by all of the following except one. Which factor creates currents, not ocean waves?
a) wind
b) earthquakes
c) moon's gravity
d) density differences

While visiting the beach during summer vacation, a sea breeze keeps you cool and comfortable during the hottest part of the day. Which BEST explains why this happens?
a) warm air rising over land allows cooler air from the ocean to blow inland
b) cool air rising over land allows warm air from the ocean to blow inland
c) there are similarities in temperature between the land and the water
d) a storm is approaching

Which statement about Earth's heating patterns is true?
a) The rate of cooling depends on the season.
b) Large bodies of water cool more quickly than land.
c) Land cools more quickly than large bodies of water.
d) Land and large bodies of water cool at the same rate.

Why are tides continually rising and lowering every day?
a) because deep ocean currents are constantly changing
b) because the position of the Moon is constantly changing
c) because rates of evaporation and precipitation are constantly changing
d) because the direction of the wind over the ocean is constantly changing

Which BEST explains the reason that thunderstorms are likely to form on a hot day?
a) Warm, humid air rises quickly and then cools.
b) As air slowly rises it loses humidity and causes rain.
c) The air is usually calm and allows the clouds to form
d) The air rises quickly and forms low-level cloud layers.

Why does the ocean cover different amounts of the beach at different times of the day?
a) because the Moon's gravity pull the ocean, causing it to rise and fall
b) because Earth wobbles as it rotates, causing the ocean to rise and fall
c) because ocean currents change, adding sand to and removing sand from the beach
d) because the sand is able to absorb more water as temperature increases, lowering the ocean level

During the water cycle, when water vapor changes to liquid water, it is called
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) freezing
d) boiling

Which of the following is an example of condensation?
a) cloud
b) dew
c) fog
d) all of the above

In some years there are more hurricanes than usual. This is probably because
a) the ocean is warmer than usual.
b) the ozone layer is very thin.
c) there are more windy days than usual.
d) the gravitational pull of the Moon is stronger.

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