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You research the hourly temperatures of an ocean and a land mass near each other. Both have similar temperatures in the morning, but changes occur the rest of the day because.
a) the land heats up slowly and the water heats up fast
b) both heat up at the same rate
c) the land heats up fast and the water heats up slowly
d) the land cools off slowly and the sland cools off quickly

Oceans contain many dissolved elements like calcium, sodium, and chlorine and these elements plus others combine to form the salts in the oceans. Calcium and sodium form from
a) gases from active volcanoes
b) weathering and erosion of rocks
c) pollutants from industrial wastes
d) acid rain caused by air pollution

Humid, tropical air rises over the Atlantic Ocean near the equator. As the air rises it begins to circulate counterclockwise. A low pressure system with winds over 120 km/hour is
a) a cyclone
b) tornado
c) tsunami
d) hurricane

What two conditions are necessary for frost to form?
a) The air is saturated with water and the temperature drops quickly.
b) The air is saturated with water and the temperature is 0 degrees Celcius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) or less.
c) The air is saturated with water and the temperature is 0 degrees Celcius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) or above.
d) The air is saturated with water and the temperature is gradually warming up.

As residents of Georgia, our weather is often influenced by air masses that start over the Gulf of Mexico. What type of air masses should we expect from the Gulf of Mexico?
a) hot and dry air
b) warm and dry air
c) warm and humid air
d) cool and humid air

Only 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater. About 60% of that water is not available for man's use. Why is this?
a) it is frozen
b) it is polluted
c) it is too salty
d) it is in aquifers

Which is MOST LIKELY to cause a hurricane?
a) a distant tidal wave
b) a deep underwater earthquake
c) warm evaporated water from ocean
d) cold evaporating water from ocean

It is a warm summer night. The relative humidity is 100%. From dusk until dawn, the air temperature drops 32 to 18 degrees Celcius. (0 degrees Celcius is freezing) What would you expect to see in the morning?
a) dew
b) frost
c) clouds
d) thunderstorms

At the start of a hurricane, strong winds blew over the ocean causing more water to evaporate. How did the effect the hurricane?
a) The hurricane lost heat
b) The hurricane lost pressure
c) The hurricane became weaker.
d) The hurricane became stronger.

John measured the temperature difference between two areas located next to each other. She did this at four locations. Which location is MOST LIKELY to have the strongest winds?
a) lake and river
b) forest and field
c) pond and stream
d) ocean and beach

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