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A plant's green color is due to the presence of which organelle?
a) chloroplast
b) Nucleus
c) Vacuole
d) Mitochondrion

Which of these has the greatest influence over how big a baby elephant will grow?
a) The amount of oxygen in the air
b) The amount of food available
c) the size of the trees in the jungle
d) Thetype of grass on the plains

The quality of air is monitored by the government. To best measure air quality, th air should be tested___
a) several times a day in all kinds of weather
b) once a year on a day with little traffic
c) at night
d) once a day during rush hour

Which body in the solar system usually contains an atmosphere?
a) comet
b) planet
c) meteor
d) asteroid

Which of these planets in the solar system was the most recently discovered?
a) Venus
b) Pluto
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

Which biome contains large populations of grazing herbivores, few species of birds, and deep, rich soil?
a) deciduous forest
b) tundra
c) taiga
d) grassland

Cells-Tissues-Organs-? What is next in this series?
a) organelles
b) habitats
c) organisms
d) systems

Which of these is due entirely to inheritance?
a) eye color
b) endurance
c) broken bones
d) reading skills

The force that holds the planets in orbit around the sun is called_______
a) motion
b) gravity
c) friction
d) pressure

How are humans classified within a food chain?
a) manufacturers
b) decomposers
c) producers
d) consumers

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