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What tool would youuse to measure the volume of a small rock?
a) Pan balance
b) Graduated cylinder
c) Metric ruler
d) Microscope

Which interaction of light causes the flower stem to appear bent?
a) Transmission
b) Reflection
c) Absorption
d) Refraction

In which of the following kingdoms can organisms be both unicellular and multicellular?
a) Archaebacteria
b) Protista
c) Eubacteria
d) Plantae

Henry stating that the shirt is red is a(n)
a) control
b) variable
c) observation
d) hypothesis

If I tested the effect of aspirin on corn plant stems, what is the independent variable?
a) the corn plant
b) the soil the corn is in
c) the amount of sunlight
d) the aspirin

Which is a physical change?
a) Burning toast
b) Ice melting into water
c) Mixing baking soda and vinegar
d) Candle burning

How is the periodic table organized?
a) Alphabetically
b) By increasing atomic mass
c) By increasing atomic number
d) In th order that the elements were discovered

Which physical change occurs when matter gives off thermal energy?
a) condensation
b) Sublimation
c) Boiling
d) Evaporation

A researcher determined the pH of four soil samples. Which is the most acidic?
a) 3
b) 7
c) 9
d) 11

Which scientist is credited with beginning the study of genetics?
a) Bohr
b) Newton
c) Schwann
d) Mendel

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