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Where is the protein called actin loacted in the body?
a) ATP molecules
b) thin filaments
c) myosin filaments
d) acetylcholine neurotransmitters

In addition to myosin, what other protein is involved in skeletal muscle contraction?
a) collagen
b) actin
c) keratin
d) melanin

The ion necessary to link myosin to actin for muscule contraction is:
a) sodium
b) calcium
c) magnesium
d) potassium

Muscle tone refers to:
a) a state of sustained, partial contraction of muscles that is necessary to maintain posture
b) a feeling of well-being following exercise
c) the ability of a muscle to maintain contraction against an outside force
d) the condition athletes attain after intensive training

What happens when the thin filaments in a muscle fiber slide over the thick filaments?
a) a muscle contracts
b) a muscle relaxes
c) a muscle both contracts and relaxes
d) a muscle neither contracts nor relaxes

Myosin and actin make up
a) osteoblasts
b) collagen
c) myofibrils
d) red marrow

What tough connective tissue joins skeletal muscles to bones?
a) joints
b) ligaments
c) periosteum
d) tendons

The concept used to explain the action of filaments in muscle contraction is the
a) sliding-filament model
b) myosin contraction model
c) acitn contraction model
d) rigor mortis

Regular exercise does the following:
a) increases the number of myofibrils which increases muscle size and strength
b) decreases the number of myofibrils which increases muscle size and strength
c) increases the amount of calcium in the muscles
d) decreases the amount of calcium in the muscles

Rigor Mortis is a stiffening of the muscles after death due to:
a) the Calcium levels are higher than the ATP levels which keeps the myosin binded to the actin
b) the ATP levels are higher than the Calcium levels which keeps the myosin binded to the actin
c) the muscles dehydrate and remain in the stiffened position
d) Rigor Mortis is a skeletal disorder, not muscular

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