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Which of the following is NOT a function of skin?
a) helps regulate body temperature
b) removes body wastes
c) contracts and relaxes muscles
d) helps prevent infection

Which of the following is NOT part of the integumentary system?
a) skin
b) cartilage
c) nails
d) hair

From which of the following does the basic structure of hair and nails form?
a) sweat
b) melanin
c) collagen
d) keratin

The top layer of the epidermis is made of
a) flat, dead cells
b) melanin
c) collagen
d) healthy, living cells

What two layers make up skin?
a) keratin and dermis
b) epidermis and melanin
c) epidermis and dermis
d) melanin and keratin

A slight scratch of the skin does not causing bleeding because the epidermis lacks___________.
a) blood vessels
b) living cells
c) melanin
d) hair follicles

The dark pigment in the skin is called__________________
a) melanin
b) keratin
c) collagen
d) myosin

Keratin provides:
a) insulation
b) a waterproof covering
c) pigmentation
d) protection from UV radiation

All of the following are found in the dermis EXCEPT
a) nerve endings
b) blood vessles
c) sebaceous glands
d) melanocytes

The function of melanin is to
a) help control the rate of heat loss by the skin
b) produce sweat
c) produce a waterproof covering on the surface of the skin
d) absorb harmful UV radiation.

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