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If batteries are added in a series circuit what happens to voltage
a) it increase
b) stays the same
c) batteries last longer
d) it decreases

If batteries are added in a parallel circuit what happens
a) batteries last longer
b) voltage increases
c) voltage decreases
d) voltage stays the same

LIght bulbs are sources of
a) resistance
b) voltage
c) current
d) switches

If you add a lightbulb to a circuit what happens to resistance
a) increases
b) decreases

Both circuits are series. Circuit A has one bulb and Circuit B has two bulbs. What statement would be true
a) The bulb in A would be brighter
b) The bulbs would be the same
c) The resistance in both cirucits is the same
d) Circuit B would still work if a bulb burned out.

If there are several bulbs in a parallel circuit what statement would be true.
a) all bulbs would have the same brightness
b) the first bulb would be the brightest and the rest would be dimmer
c) if one burns out they others will stop working

What would decrease the resistance in a wire
a) thickness
b) lower temperature
c) making shorter
d) making thinner

If the mass of an object double what happens to kinetic energy
a) it doubles
b) it decreases by half
c) nothing

The unit of resistance
a) ohm
b) volt
c) joule
d) watt

Usually the direction of current is the direction in which ___________ charges flow
a) positive
b) negative
c) varies
d) charge has nothing to do with it

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